Euphoric stimulation.

January 8, 2006

Caffeine, CPU magazine and a whole lot of internet stimulation set me off in a euphoric frenzy today. Like a manic character from a Kids in the Hall sketch, I danced around flitting from internet fad to fad, video podcasting and Rocketboom, and flickr. So hopped up I was and excited!

Alas, it never lasts and this evening I’m sitting here in my cardigan sweater looking and feeling very much the grandfather, a status that I am 20 years short (hopefully) of attaining.

But darn it, I am going to set up a blog. That was part of the euphoria today. I would take my lists and pictures and forum participation and I would tie it all up with a blog. We’ll see how it goes. So thanks to friend Dansee from bringing me here and steering me away from something ridiculous like live journal.

Rocketboom is impressive. That Amanda Congdon is a great talent. The editing is nice and crisp too. Wonderful. Makes me think I need to do a video podcast though. Maybe in my real life endeavors I’ll try it.


2 Responses to “Euphoric stimulation.”

  1. Dana Says:

    Woohoo! A fine looking blog you have here, my friend! Congrats!

  2. Ann Says:


    What is this?


    You have another stalker. Get this on a RSS feed, stat. 🙂

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