Shut in, prisoner or free spirit of the mind?

January 10, 2006

I mentioned yesterday that sitting here at my desk in my basement office with 4 or 5 computers humming is my idea of bliss. The doors are shut, the stereo is on and I’m working or surfing or pleasure writing or whatever. Forget about going to the Bahamas, in my basement is where I’d rather be!

Tonight, it’s nice because I’m done with work for the day. I have a two hour window to finish work on a presentation, then I will run on the treadmill and watch Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig. It is a bit of a guilty pleasure to write here first before I finish the very necessary research, but so be it. I have a little time tomorrow morning too.

But the point is, if I spend most of my life at a desk either blissfully here or at work, what’s the difference between this and being a shut in or a prisoner? I do the same thing, right? I am indoors in a fairly confined space. How am I any different from someone who HAS to be indoors and shouldn’t I get my pale, nerdy self outside once in a while? However, I have to tell you, although the physical space may be limited, the space of the mind is vast. Or the space between my ears is vast; I’m not sure which.

Of course I can come and go if I choose. Just because I choose to stay put hardly makes me a captive. Remember the treadmill, supra? It keeps me from becoming a formless blob. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what I do when most of the movement of my day consists of trips to the bathroom or driving myself from Desk A to Desk B. It’s harmless and it’s my life.


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