Coolness and Strangeness.

January 12, 2006 had a 250 GB HD on sale today for $50. Of course when I finally saw it at 6:00, it was sold out. I’m tired of losing out on woot. I’m going to start checking it before I leave for work in the morning. Cheap hard drives are irresistible to me. I would have bought several of these, click, click, click. The more hard drive space I have the more TiVo programs I can save on my computer! But then hard drives are like crack to all nerds. One of the funniest posts I’ve ever seen on a forum was in a discussion about the Gates foundation. Someone posted that without Melinda to guide him, Bill would spend all his money on hard drives and pizza. I can so understand that.Internet wise, today had both strangeness and coolness. I took my new iPod to work today. I was able to listen to podcasts in my van and after 5:00. I listened to evil genius and TWIT. Both were pretty good. Who needs NPR? I’m kidding. I still need Car Talk and Science Friday and Marketplace.

The strange part is that I realized that I am not nearly as technically adept as I need to be. For a fairly hardcore computer geek, this is a humbling experience. It’s this blog, really. I’m struggling with the RSS feed. I’m struggling with simple html links (but I’m getting better). It’s unfamiliar to me (sort of like working with a mac). I have no doubt, in time, I shall become wordpress fluent, but for now, I sort of bumble along. With apologizes to David Sedaris, me blog pretty some day.   


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