Feeding Squirrels in the Wintertime.

January 15, 2006

I like feeding the squirrels in the wintertime. Not that I’m a huge squirrel lover. My grandfather used to hunt them and eat them. My brother-in-law, and his brother and son still do. But you can buy “critter feed” at the supermarket and at Target, so I must not be alone in my desire. From my kitchen, there is a window that provides a great view of the feeder and the squirrels. Even though I had not filled the feeder in three days, filling it this morning has brought a parade of squirrels. The smallest and youngest was out earlier but, my favorite, whom we’ve nicknamed “Fat Daddy” is pictured here. 

3 squirels

Fat Daddy is the dominant squirrel in the neighborhood. He’s the squirrel Alpha Male. Or, for all I know about squirrel anatomy, he could be an Alpha Female. One thing is clear, being the size of a cat, when he’s in the feeder, the other squirrels are relegated to the crumbs he throws them from his perch. In a way, this picture of 3 squirrels is a business model with the guy at the top gorging at the trough, occasionally tossing nuggets to underlings.  When I fill the feeder, I always am sure to wear gloves. I remember reading about a kid that got rabies by touch animal saliva. And of course, squirrels are notorious spreaders of black death. Yet, my paranoia is overcome by my desire to see these fuzzy guys come out and socialize and eat and otherwise make squirrel merriment.  


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