I didn’t know that about Horatio Alger.

January 24, 2006
I’m reading The Know it All by A. J. Jacobs. He reads the Encyclopedia Britannica and comments about it in his book. It’s very witty and generally an enjoyable read. One of the themes he discusses is that he finds out things in the Britannica that he doesn’t really want to know. This was the case for me when he mentioned Horatio Alger. I had always known of Alger for his “Poor Boy Makes Good” themes. 

Well, apparently, making good wasn’t all that the poor boys were doing for Mr. Alger! It adds entirely knew meaning to the titles of some of his works such as “Tattered Tom” and “Ragged Dick.” He is still very popular despite his activities; there is even a society named after him and unfortunately other things. I’m sorry. It totally destroys my view of this guy. I want to unknow it. I want some extra strength, high grade mental floss.


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