Robot Pets.

January 27, 2006

I was going to write about robot pets today but it turns out that it’s a popular topic. So I’m still going to write about them, but I’m going to take it in a little different direction. There is a lot of derivative material out there, after all. You can’t read five tech sites without getting a little overflow. This past week, I was going to scream if I saw another story about the comet dust collector. It’s just dust, people. We got dust off the moon by the pound.  I’ve got years of dust in my office they can have– for free!  We’ve got meteors all over Antarctica. It’s all the same stuff! Ok, anyway, robot pets.I want a Scooba really bad. I mean I want it like Ralphie wanted his Red Ryder BB gun, but I don’t think it will cost me an eye. That’s what I want for my next robot pet.  I want to watch it scrub my tile while I sit back and smugly watch work being performed of which I am not a part. 

I already have the first Robosapien and the Robo-Raptor. It’s fun to make them fight, but they don’t do much cleaning.  When they battle, Robosapien is a wuss who keeps saying “Ouch!” but then sometimes he gets the Raptor in a head lock.

See you can do things with robot pets that you just can’t do with real ones. Cock fights are illegal in my state. Robot pets can fight all day long with nary a complaint from the Animal Protective League.

Moreover, and more to the point, robot pets do not poop. Waste management is a HUGE issue with real pets. Real pets poop all the time! Cleaning up after them is a significant part of the whole living pet experience! Not so with robot pets. No poop and when you are done playing with them, they go up on the shelf or in the closet until you are ready to play with them again… or use them to scrub your floor.


One Response to “Robot Pets.”

  1. Looking at your site makes me wish I had started one like it….maybe I will now!

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