Cool Music Recommendation Site.

January 29, 2006

I’m kind of late to the game on this as it has been out there for months now.  I found out about it on the woot forum, but it’s been discussed a lot.  Pandora is a music referral site.  You enter in a song or an artist and it will play songs similar in musical structure to it.

Pandora is stunningly awesome. It’s one of those open-mouth “wow” web experiences that makes you glad to live in these times.  Most of the times it gets it right.  You have to be open minded, though, based on its recommendations.  I have discovered that I am now a Shakira fan.  I’ve also found out that Incubus has at least one song I can listen to.  

The sound quality is very listenable too. This will help me a lot when I use my radio station feed capture software. The problem with that program is that you can capture thousands and thousands of songs, but it’s difficult to know what you like from the new stuff. By combining Pandora with this radio software, I now have a list of songs I can “mine” from radio collection. This, in turn, will help me buy cds.Computers make terrific “wheat from chaff” separators. I wonder if there is something like this for food or cars or clothing? If you like X, you’ll like Y. I know Amazon has it’s thing, but that hasn’t been a real wow sort of experience for me yet. It helps if the recommending web site doesn’t actually sell the product. A program that does this has to have a great deal of skill and integrity. It would be very easy, for example, to create software that simply parrots back the inventory that the business has to sell without regard to actual interest matching.

Pandora does actual matching better than any software or website I’ve seen to date.

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