Enya self-abuse.

January 30, 2006
So on a lark and kind of with a measure of an inclination toward self abuse, I put in Enya on the Pandora site and let it play. I figured it would just play Enya. How many other bands could be like that? Turns out there’s quite a few. 

It did play a fair amount of Enya, but it also played the following:

Haley Westenra
Jade Redd
This Mortal Coil
Secret Garden
Faith and the Muse
Mike Oldfield.

I might just have some brain damage from this, but I actually liked Faith and the Muse. This site is going to be the musical death of me.

One Response to “Enya self-abuse.”

  1. Wished there were more sites like this around!

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