Great quodilibet this evening.

February 1, 2006

I’m almost finished reading A.J. Jacobs “The Know It All.” It’s been an amusing romp and makes me want to read the Encyclopedia Britannica myself, except now that would be derivative. I suppose I could read the entire Wikipedia, but I don’t think that would be the same.  Jacobs has given me some new words to play with, such as Quodlibet. Jacobs says this is “free ranging conversation on any topic that pleases us.” says its “a theological or philosophical issue presented for formal argument or disputation.” So which is it? Perhaps Jacobs took a little bit of license for the sake of literary license. I went to look it up in Wikipedia and to my surprise, there was no page on it! Now you know what I think about Wikipedia and I’m not much of a buddist even though I admire their thinking. But I am incapable of resisting a blank Wikipedia page, so I created an entry. We’ll see if it lasts.Another word Jacobs uses is Sabbatarian. That’s a Christian who believes the sabbath should be on a Saturday. Now I can relate to that. After a hard week at work, I am spent on Saturday. I just can’t work. So I rest on Saturday and work on Sunday. I just can’t bring myself to look if Sabbatarian is on Wikipedia…





One Response to “Great quodilibet this evening.”

  1. bob Says:

    makes you think doesn’t it

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