What Kind of Wooter are You?

February 2, 2006

The Ebay reseller: Someone who woots solely to cross his name off the shipping box of the delightful Salton Water Wand Filtration System and ships it to someone else who has undoubtedly paid him more than he paid woot.

The Picker: This wooter will watch every day religiously, but seldom buys. When she does, it’s invariably a Westinghouse SlicerToaster Two-Pack or some other arcane woot strange to most but beloved to the Picker.

The Browser: This would be a guy who checks woot out now and then over the course of months. He’s no addict and might say to his wife: “Hey look honey, Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker!” This wooter thinks he is immune, but someday the woot will come up and suck him in and he will morph into another form of wooter that is of the buying variety.

The Bargain Hunter: This wooter only buys if woot beats Froogle by more than 50%. Then, whether she wants the item or not, she buys it, just because of the value. But unlike the Ebay Reseller, she keeps it. Which might lead her to morphing into…

The Packrat: This wooter buys compulsively and has almost every woot ever offered. She also has 250 cats and can no longer walk in her house save through special paths among the unopened packages.

The Specialist: This person knows everything there is to know about a very specific product and holds out for it. The problem is that the Specialist is never satisfied. A speaker specialist, for example, knows exactly what the perfect speakers are. But woot will never have them. The Specialist goes unfulfilled, but that doesn’t stop him from educating the rest of us about how craptastic the Sony Multimedia and Gaming Computer Speaker System is.

The Whiner: This person is always lamenting the woot that he missed; the woot that sold out without him. He will forever beg woot to bring back those Western Digital Caviar 250G hard drives for $50 that he didn’t get. Too bad it ain’t gonna happen.

The Normal Person: Does not buy from woot. May not know what woot is and most certainly thinks most of us wooters are weirdos.


4 Responses to “What Kind of Wooter are You?”

  1. Sara Says:

    I’m a cross between The Picker and The Bargain Hunter.

    My recent Roomba purchase definitely falls under the Picker category, but at some point early last year I bought a usb to ethernet network adapter that I had absolutely no use for. None. But it was something like $6. Behold the Bargain Hunter in action.

    Fast forward to last week, when I decided it was time to hack my series 2 DTiVos. I learned I needed a usb to ethernet adapter and hey wait a minute I HAVE ONE OF THOSE. After a bit of poking around, I located it in the Closet O’ Gadgets, still shrinkwrapped, and TADAH! It worked. Thanks, Woot. 🙂

    Now I need one for the second TiVo. :-/

    Hey, did you know there’s an RSS feed for Woot? You never have to miss another Woot. Give in. Subscribe.

  2. JB Says:

    Picker–Lemonader TwoPack! (Sent one to dad for father’s day)

  3. bill Says:

    very insightful read, thankyou.

  4. What a nice bunch of people! I like this place!

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