Gadget Religion.

February 5, 2006

Sometimes I think that despite my undying devotion for all gadgets and gadget related paraphernalia, how few gadgets have really changed my life. And I am quite devoted. I read Gizmodo, Slashdot, digg, Engaget and all the rest every day. I subscribe to T3 and other gadget magazines. I pine for a new gadget related show to TiVo ever since Sumi left Fresh Gear. But why do I do this? Other than the cell phone, iPod and maybe the PDA, how have gadgets changed my life?The new iPods are life changing devices, at least in my case. I don’t even use it for music. I use it for listening to podcasts and watching video podcasts. I’ve watched a movie on it too. I have been saving money to buy a Scooba. While I don’t think it will be life changing on an every waking hour sort of basis, I think it will make an impact and my kitchen floor will be shiny!

Honestly, the only reason I don’t walk around borg-like with various gizmos haphazardly dangling from my body is a residual, lizard brain desire to appealing to women. That and my checkbook balance plays a big role too.

But there have been many gadget failures. The Archos and the Axim and the iPaq have all gone the way of the dodo for me. And the pda in my Treo? Ever since it crashed and doubled and tripled the entries in my calendar and contacts in Outlook, I don’t even synch it up. What do gadgets really do for me? It’s really just the novelty that I am getting into, I think. It’s not the next electrified piece of glorified plastic, it’s the promise, and it’s the dream! I want a GPS and I almost wooted one yesterday. But for God’s sakes, I can surely use a map. Heck, if really pressed, I suppose I could, even, gasp, use a pay phone.

But what is really the dream? Do I want a gadget that will make me better, smarter, faster? You bet! Do I want a gadget that lets me talk mentally with computers, do I want a chip in my head? Uh huh! Gimme! Gimme! Do I want a fem bot? Don’t we all?!

(That’s really just exaggeration for the effect of humor… mostly).

Other people have no use for gadgets at all. I don’t understand people like that, but hey, it’s a small world and we all just gotta get along!

So I’m always waiting for the next big thing. I will continue to scour the Internet, furtively read my magazines and pray for the coming of the one gadget to rule them all. Then I will be first in line when the gadget messiah arrives and puts a chip in my head.


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