Saving for Scooba.

February 6, 2006

I had lunch with my friend today and I shared my Scooba fascination with him. He said, “you know it’s not going to work, right?” I insisted that it would and he rolled his eyes. He told me that a few years ago, he got a Roomba as a gift and it was the biggest waste in the world. I think that’s where we differ. Now, I’ll grant you that I don’t have a Roomba and I’m not likely to get one (before I get a Scooba anyway). You see, I don’t mind vacuuming, but I freakin’ hate mopping!That’s the distinction, I think, that’s lost in this good review of the Scooba. The author questions why anyone would pay $400 for a mopping robot when a mop and a bucket costs $20 and the Scooba takes longer to clean a floor than a human mopper. The answer is: the human freakin’ hates mopping! He’d pay $1000 to get out of the chore and still have a clean floor!

So I’m $100 short of Scooba ownership. With any luck in the next couple of weeks I’ll scrounge up the remaining C-note and the shiny blue mop-bot will finally be mine!

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