Snow Crash

February 8, 2006

“… a scattering of schizophrenic first worlders who have long ago burned their brains to ash in the radiant heat of their own imaginings.” Neal Stephenson, “Snow CrashI told my friend that I had my choice tonight of losing myself on the Internet or reading about people who lose themselves on the Internet. “Snow Crash” is a great book and I’m committing a cardinal sin by talking about it before I’m done reading it. The story of how I came upon this book is mildly interesting though. J Allard was interviewed in the January 2006 issue of CPU magazine. When asked why his Xbox Live gamertag is “Hiro Protagonist,” he responded, that it was “more about identifying with Neal’s dream. Neal’s vision for the metaverse—how people would communicate, compete, collaborate, and use technology—was excruciatingly similar to the dream I had held and wanted to build… ‘Snow Crash’ has been ‘required reading’ for many of the teams I’ve built, and it felt fitting to honor Neal by making Hiro my gamertag.”

This is pretty damn good for a book that was written in 1992. It inspired the man who created the Xbox. How can you read that and not let out a Keanu inspired “Whoa.”


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