Online Shopping.

February 10, 2006

Let’s talk about discount merchandise websites. I’ve talked about woot here enough to make it clear I’m a fan. They had a BOC today. I’ll never get one. Since I’m in Eastern Standard Time, I am resigned to the fact that a BOC isn’t in my future. So I figure I will just have to get a paper bag, paint a question mark on it and dump some old computer stuff in it. I could then put it on a shelf until I forget what’s in it. After that, I can open it and have the BOC experience.Anyhow, my new favorite discount site is Ben’s Bargains. I found out about it from the diggnation podcast. Ben’s Bargains is cool because it’s almost like a whole bunch of woots in one day. I like it when the discount items are paraded in your face. is pretty much the same thing and they’ve been around for a long time.This is opposed to Froogle and Pricegrabber and Bizrate where you enter the product in and it generates the best places to buy it from. These are very, very useful when you’ve done your market research and you know what you want down to the model number. I’ve bought some digital cameras this way. This method is good for checking to see if you are buying something on woot or some of the other sites for a good price.Finally, there’s the warehouses. These are the overstock.coms of the world. There are a bunch of different sites including and I don’t know that I actually buy a whole lot from these places though. I’m really tempted to get the box of 1000 feet of Cat 5 from geeks, but I don’t have the patience to cut my own cable.

I still buy from Newegg and Amazon too, it’s always nice when you don’t pay retail!



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