Jean Shorts are Out of Style.

February 11, 2006

This is something I only learned in 2002 and they were out of style long before that. Men’s clothing is full of traps like that. But who really decides? And who really cares? At work, I try to look as nice as possible, but when I’m home? Long sleeve T-Shirts and cardigan sweaters with faded jeans older than 2002. Or, I might wear sweats I bought 10 years ago.And what’s the big deal about pleated pants? I don’t get it. It’s not like wearing sandals with black dress socks. Or maybe in 2006, it is. I have caved on that one and now two pairs of my khaki slacks are flat front. But not all of them!

Honestly, it’s a man’s right to dress like a slob when he’s at home. It’s as American as plaid pants on the golf course. And when some seventies style clothing came back, I was very relived. My closet is now full of possibilities! And let’s not forget converse sneakers, worn with black socks… and jean shorts.


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