Final Word on “Snow Crash.”

February 15, 2006

I finished reading Snow Crash and I am still amazed by it. It’s the mark of a great book that it makes good reading years past its release date. It really started reminding me of Infinite Jest with the plot line of the bit map that makes people crazy. I am more than a little happy that I can now say Infinite Jest is a little bit derivative as it was written five years after Snow Crash. It’s central theme concerns a video tape that is so amusing that it makes people crazy. Stephenson gets a bad rap because people say that he wraps his books up too quickly. Those critics should read more David Foster Wallace. 1088 pages and NO ENDING. Not that he cares, but I still have not forgiven him for that.

I enjoyed the theme of religion-as-virus and as something that has evolved over time. It reminded me of my Western Culture classes in college when we learned that Jesus wasn’t the first religious figure to die for his people. There truly is nothing new under the sun. Modern religions borrow heavily from ancient ones.

Sometimes, I wonder, too, if there aren’t people who can hack into other people’s minds. Or, at least have some capacity that gives them an immense advantage over others. Take Warren Buffet for example. Has there ever been an investor in the history of humanity who had his knack? Doesn’t he seem to have a superhuman ability to figure out what to invest in? Is he a mind-hacker?  All of this heavy thought is wrapped up in a slam-bang action cyberpunk thriller. What could be better than that?     




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