Linux Hates Me.

March 5, 2006

I have always wanted a Linux file server.  I just want a place where my 9 computers can dump files and maybe share another printer.  I have tried Mandrake and two versions of Red Hat and failed.

About a year and a half ago, I bought an Asus A7V400-MX mobo, an AMD 2800xp chip and 512 meg of RAM for $301.00. My parents had given me back a p2 400 that was a hand-me-down to them from me that finally died (My sister hooked them up with a laptop, so they are happy). I transplanted the mobo and threw in one of the old Samsung drives that crapped out on my first TiVo upgrade (the other one is in one of my win2k boxes. They work fine in computers, but pixelate like hell in a TiVo). I then installed Red Hat Linux 9 and attempted making the machine into a file server.

I’ve worked with Samba and could not get it to talk to Win2k. I also looked into the idea of the HMO server. I also found some bad advice on changing the localhost.localdomain name in the dns screen to something else. This cause a nifty crash and when I changed it back, win2k now didn’t even recognize that the box existed. I never even got to the password screen, rather, I got the “network not accessible” screen.

You would think there would be a better Linux server program out there that would be plug and play with Win2k. I guess I’m asking a lot for free software.  I ended up just going back to Win2k on all my machines.

Lately, I had heard a lot of good things about Ubuntu.  Because of woot, I’ve got some extra hard drives to play with, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’ve spent my free time this weekend flashing the bios on an old PIII and dropping in 2 250 Gig drives. I tried installing Ubuntu and it went half way through the installation and told me that it could not continue.  It said to reburn the ISO disk at a slower speed!  It seemed absurd to me, but a friend of mine tells me that’s common.  No matter, I lost patience and downloaded a Debian ISO and burned to a CD.

I’m flying through the Debian installation right now.  We’ll see.

All this just for a file server.  However, one day I’ll succeed with it and that day will be sweet indeed.


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