Thought Processes and Opportunity Costs.

March 8, 2006

When I was driving home the other day, I could not help but think that the economic doctrine of opportunity cost applies to one’s very thought processes.  If you read or listen to or experience dead end stimulus, then you pay the cost of not being able to absorb information that is positive or furthering of your life’s purpose.  Life’s run cycles are finite.  There is a fixed number that will be dedicated to significant thought and a fixed number that will be dedicated to dead time.  Not only can you now want to unknow something, you can want to unthink or unexperience something too.  The trick is to identify, to the extent humanly possible material that will aid in advancement or otherwise productively stimulate and cut out that which will not.

Of course, controlling one’s environmental stimulus is very difficult.  People make demands on your time.  Plus, life necessitates that you wait for things.  You have to wait in line at the drug store.  You have to wait in line at the airport.  At least, while you are on the plane, you can read or listen to podcasts, unless you happen to sit next to a talker.  Life is full of people and events seemingly determined to intercede between you and your desire.

The cutting out of the non-interesting, non-advancing and non-stimulating is an impossible dream!  You would have to spend most of your life in your basement!  Oh, wait…


One Response to “Thought Processes and Opportunity Costs.”

  1. Allie Says:

    Next you must opine on the topic of scarcity. Then you’ll get your “Honorary Economist” card. 😉

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