In Defense of Origami.

March 12, 2006

Engaget has trashed it on their podcast and even CNN has said it’s not cool! Many people here have expressed a low opinion of it as well. I maintain, however, that these people just don’t get what this Microsoft device truly is: the first companion computer. Oh sure, we have our Treos and Sidekicks and Blackberries, but what we don’t have are the computers in William Gibson’s novels. These are the computers that have a human interface and are with us always. Companion computers will take applications like Google and Microsoft Outlook and allow us to use them, Terminator-like, in real time as we look at people and objects in the world around us.

The aforementioned cell phones have computer qualities, but they are still special purpose devices. What Microsoft is trying to give us here is something more flexible that can be of aid to us at any time day or night. It is the first step in a wearable computer that people will come to rely upon as an extension of themselves.

What then are the Origami killer apps?
-A body strap so you can wear it (without sacrificing fashion).
-Monitor glasses that don’t make you look like Locutus of Borg.
-A real human interface
-A portable, rechargeable 24 hour a day power source.

This computer really is something new, not just device that’s in-between your cell and your laptop. If it is successful, it will subsume both of those devices and become essential to daily function and something we take for granted.


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