Gigabyte’s iRam Card.

March 16, 2006

I thought this was kinda cool:

It’s a PCI card that hooks up to your SATA input and acts like a hard drive. You can boot off it too. You use normal memory in it and it has a lithium ion battery that will keep what you have on it for 10 hours if the power goes out. It keeps itself charged even when your computer is off (but your power supply is on).

This review had some great benchmarks for the card. It’s SATA controller is limited to 150MB/s transfer rates so that makes it slower than it could be, but it’s still sweet!

This is one of those gadgets that makes me want to get one and put it in a box just because I can. The idea of booting off one of these suckers is arousing, even if it is only a little more than 3 seconds faster to boot than a Raptor WD SATA drive. I’m still drooling though. Watch me. I’ll probably buy one and stick it in a 1 GHz Pentium III… as its only hard drive… running linux… MMMmmm.


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