17 Person Skype Conference Call

March 20, 2006


17 person skype conference call

Originally uploaded by Thaed 3.

I have a thought experiment to run a 17 person Skype conference call where all individuals can hear and talk at once. It would require 4 computers with a KVM switch, 4 separate Skype accounts for each computer, broad band access for all 4 computers, a mixer and a headset/microphone. It’s a thought experiment at this point because I haven’t bought a mixer yet, so I’m not going to be able to try it until I get one. I do have one in mind, the Alesis MultiMix 8USB with USB Audio. At around $150, it fits in my budget. So I will have to do a follow up to this post later after I get the mixer.

The conference call operator would call 3 people on each computer using the KVM to switch between the computers. Once the call is up, the operator should not have to worry about switching any further and should be able to handle running the meeting. Or the operator could be the tech person and someone else could run the meeting as everyone should be able to hear each other equally well. The operator should be able to adjust sound levels to ensure this.

I used Freemind to graph how I think this would look. I am a little worried about feeback, but I’m hoping that’s either not going to be an issue or I’ll be able to work around it.

Now you might ask, why on earth would you do this? Why for podcasting, of course! Now yours humbly has never done a podcast of any sort. With a little luck, that will change shortly. I’m hoping in the next month or so to try to turn this from a concept to a reality. I didn’t see that anyone has tried this on the Skype forum, so if I’m successful, I’ll post there too.


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