Post Scooba Gadget Desires.

March 22, 2006

I honestly debated about blogging about gadgets I want to buy. It seems superficial, materialistic and of little purpose. But then again that describes most blogs anyway, right? Blogging is definitely a what-floats-your-boat enterprise. It’s the long tail blah-blah where many one hit wonders (or monkeys in a room full of typewriters) occasionally find success. At least that’s what I learned on Rocketboom.Ok, onto the good stuff. The Scooba has shipped. I’m hoping I get it this weekend. And, even though it’s already been done, I’m going to make a video, dammit. I want to preserve my Scooba wrought joy for the ages! This brings me to the first item on my gadget desires list.

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1.

This puppy has been getting a lot of press lately. And no doubt! It’s sleek, it’s cook and it freakin’ puts HD recording in the palm of your hand! Granted it’s “only” 720p, but I don’t even have an HD set! I’d have to watch it on my computer or on the little itty bitty screen it comes with. Something tells me that HD editing is a gigantic pain in the keister, but even if I didn’t edit what I shot, I suspect it would be cool.

Next on the list is the Pleo.


Now I already blogged about my robot fetish. I fear that this much hyped robot companion might be just a glorified Furby. For these robots to really hold their entertainment power, they are going to have to have behavior variety that only serious microprocessing can emulate. We’ll see, but I’m sure I’m a big enough sucker to plunk down $200 bucks to see.

After that, I really like the Fossil Frank Gehry watch.


I know, it’s nerdy and honestly there’s two more watches after that that are going on the list, but I’ll wait to discuss those. If you are really curious about them, check my links to see what I’m looking at. The Gehry watch uses this negative/positive display that is so very cool to me yet still passes for a dress watch. I am definitely getting one.

The rest of the stuff on my list I find I have blogged about before. There’s the Alesis mixer, the iRAM card, an Origami device and the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2006. I’d better get crackin’ on putting that spare change in the ol’ piggy bank! I only have a limited budget for toys and the Scooba has taken a chunk out of it. If you want to donate to further my materialistic desires, I’m sure I can send you my paypal address. J


3 Responses to “Post Scooba Gadget Desires.”

  1. divinecalm Says:

    These gadgets look like tons of fun. I have so many of my own that I want to buy for my camera.

  2. lonjvol Says:

    Hi. I found your site very nice. thanks for it! good luck

  3. lonuskn Says:

    Hi. I found your site very nice. thanks for it! good luck!

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