March 24, 2006

There is a ton going on today.

First:  The Scooba is here!!!  But, it’s charging.  I have to charge it overnight so no Scooba video today.  The goal is to shoot some video of it and then try to upload it to google video or something like that.

Second:  My first foray into podcasting is scheduled to record tonight.  If it is successful, I’ll be editing that and uploading that somewhere as well.  I’ve spent most of the day working out technical problems.  Cross your fingers for me.

Third:  My blogviews have gone through the roof thanks to blogmad.  I’ve also met some really neat people as well.  It’s definitely addicting to surf through tons of new blogs every day.

So that’s it.  More to come!


6 Responses to “Update.”

  1. shirley Says:

    Thanks for visiting & warning me about the dangers of crack smoking!

    You should change your link to Blog Mad to include your referral code. That way, if people sign up through you, you’d get credits!

  2. Sara Says:

    Yes, post your affiliate link, so I can use it. 🙂

    You might also check out Blog Explosion, it looks like BlogMad is similar. Here is my affiliate link. 🙂

  3. thaed Says:

    You ladies are blogging experts. I fixed the link and I’m going to check out Blog Explosion too. Thanks!!!

  4. mwgrl5 Says:

    I totally agree. BlogMad is definately helping me get my blog seen. Now I just need to blog stuff that generates comments. Best of luck!

  5. Sara Says:

    So how’s the Scooba? You’ve had it for 24 hours. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried it yet. 😉

  6. thaed Says:

    Sadly, I haven’t booted up the Scooba yet. I had a social function tonight and I’ve been working on that crazy podcast. Prolly tomorrow A.M. 🙂

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