Friday Night Party Line Podcast.

March 25, 2006

With the help of a few friends, my first foray into podcasting is finished and available for download.  It’s the perfect thing for a long drive as it’s nearly an hour long.  But for your time, you’ll get to hear several interesting people talk about the new TiVo Series III, home improvement projects, domestic versus imported beer, hybrid cars versus electric or hydrogen, internet social gatherings and the delay of Microsoft’s Vista OS.  It’s certainly better than listening to a cattle report fade in and out on your car’s AM radio.  It can be found here

I have submitted it to iTunes as well and it’s now under review.

The RSS feed can be found here.

Thanks again to Droobie, Ilana, Nathan, Allie and Doug for making this so enjoyable. We really could have talked for several hours more!


2 Responses to “Friday Night Party Line Podcast.”

  1. Semaj Says:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog, I’ve bookmarked yours so I can check it out.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments … did you want to be a guest writer on Blog Writing Tips?

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