Scooba, Podcast & Plexi-PCs.

March 27, 2006


I ran my new Scooba all day yesterday. The key is apparently not to let it bite off more than it can chew. It does about 200 square feet at a time. I guess my kitchen is three times that amount, so to get a good cleaning, I’m going to have to section it off into threes and do three separate cleanings. Add the foyer, the mud room and 4 bathrooms and this sucker has its work cut out for it. I shot some video but that’s going to have to wait as I’ve got other stuff happening right now.


My podcast got booted off my favorite forum today. Ostensibly, the reason is content control. Posts can be moderated, an external program such as a podcast cannot. Of course I'm disappointed, but I've said many times that it's his show and he can do what he wants; like it or lump it. It's going to cost me my signature too b/c I promoted the podcast in my blog.

I could be dejected and give up, but I have the podcasting bug now. It's just fun. Plus, it's a big internet out there, full of controversial content. The blog is getting a lot of hits and there are many many forums in which to frolic. I'm going to keep podcasting even if we have to retool a bit before we continue.

The weird thing is that controversy is sort of foreign to me. I'm not very used to it. I think I only had detention once in my entire High School career.


I build computers as a hobby. I’ve done it since the 80s and it’s a lot of fun. This page shows you how to build a clear plexiglass computer case. You can then add LEDs or neon or whatever you want! It occurs to me that you could put 4 motherboards in one of these and have a computer built for KVM. The potential of this thing is amazing. It goes on my lists of projects this summer.


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