Scooba Video on YouTube

March 30, 2006

I've been pretty excited about saving up for and ultimately buying a Scooba robotic mop. Some people get into football, basketball or NASCAR. I really don't. However, robots appeal to me about the same way as sports appeals to most guys.

Many of my friends think spending $400 on a mop is, well, crazy. But look, I'm never going to buy tickets to go see LaBron James, despite the fact that he regularly holds court 15 minutes from my house. Consider the Scooba to be 7 or 8 Cavs tickets.

I know that other people have made Scooba videos, but I also had a strong, nerdish desire to play with YouTube as well. It's interface is extremely easy. Uploading takes time, but we are talking about seriously large files here. Some people have criticized YouTube for being a vehicle for copyright infringement. To me, the most enjoyable stuff has been the original footage that people create and post. From a business perspective, assuming it can survive people calling it Kazaa for video, it seems to be designed to be bought by a larger company for the purpose of making some pretty nice money. It's taken off with such viral intensity, I imagine it's creators will reach their goal. Good for them. In my next life, I want to be an internet mogul!

But I digress. Here is the Scooba video, commentary provided by Thing 1 and Thing 2.

4 Responses to “Scooba Video on YouTube”

  1. mwgrl5 Says:

    hey, this isn’t relevent to the posting, but i wanted to drop by the page. you made a post on mine, and i like to take the time to visit commentor’s pages. i work in technology (the marketing side) so i find your blog a bit up my alley. thanks again! happy blogging.

  2. Cool video and blog. If you find yourself really loving Scooba and Roomba, check out my blog about iRobot Corp.,

    I’m an investor in IRBT, and have lots of posts and analysis of the company and its stock.

    I’ve also got a buyer’s guide that shows how you can buy a Scooba for $320 (or $400 with lifetime warranty), or a new Roomba Discovery for $173.

    Happy Scooba-ing!


  3. Janet Says:

    Everyone’s got their things they’ll splurge for.

    Some it’s a mop.

    Others it’s season tickets.

    To each his own.:)

  4. i now have a link for a Scooba for $255 plus $27 shipping. Not bad!

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