The Man (or Woman) Higher Up.

April 7, 2006

Has this ever happened to you? With apologies, to O. Henry, for the title of this post, I have never found a truer nugget of wisdom from fiction than this. Among my friends, I am the nerdiest of nerds, a member of the highest order of techno-geeks. However, these people don’t do it for a living. I’m no programmer and I certainly could not design a circuit board. Yet, when it comes to knowing what’s happening in the Internet world, I entertained the self-aggrandizing conceit that I pretty much knew it all.

I mean, I listen to tons of tech podcasts, I read numerous tech magazines and I’m on my computer every waking hour. Heck, I could be a regular on This Week in Tech, right? No one is more plugged in than I am, right?

Wrong. My friend Bobbi is. I was talking with her about the latest on tagging and other stuff that’s happening right now and she came up with at least three types of software, websites and internet tools of which I had never heard. I felt fully as ignorant as my friends who wouldn’t know a podcast from a blog. I surrendered my geek card and hung my head in shame.

I should know better. Reading Popurls all day is going to keep you up to speed, but it’s isn’t the be all end all. Where do the people who write the stories we read get their information? Those are the people who find out all that is new first. People like Bobbi.

So I accept my lesson in humility and I’m the better for it.


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