Friday Night Party Line Episode 3.

April 8, 2006

Friday Night Party Line Episode 3 is up! Here's the link!  A big thank you to Tommy, James & David for participating!  Here is the RSS feed and as you know it’s on iTunes and Yahoo as well.

This weeks topics:

Surfing theme: What’s your favorite junk food while surfing? Test your junk food knowledge. Do you think you could pick out the following potato chips in a blind taste test? Pringles, Lays (classic), Ruffles, Grandma Shearers and Snyders of Berlin? 

Surfing Fashion: What do you wear while surfing, gaming, blogging, etc? What are your favorite shopping sites online?Can you name one good thing Martha Stewart has brought into the world?

Korea has promised a robot in every home by 2015 or 2020. Can they do it? What are the challenges?

There is a new cell phone use and brain tumor study. Do you still stick your phone against your head?

How Bill Gates works. If you knew how a billionaire worked, would you change your ways to emulate him?

Why is Bose audio equipment so popular? (From Home Theater Blog).

What are your favorite Internet radio stations. Do you have any internet radio guilty pleasures?

Re: favorite retro tv shows. With the advent of online distribution, what would you like them to bring back?


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