Scooba Scare.

May 1, 2006

On Saturday, the Scooba failed! It stopped producing water and just was wandering around dry. I followed the manual instruction and tried to clear it out with a turkey baster to no avail. When I stopped it and restarted it several times, it would release fluid for a little bit and then go dry again. From the forums, it looked like a major clog. I spend a very long time on hold with tech support and gave up.

On Sunday, I left it alone.

Tonight I was going to try calling tech support again, but I thought I would give it another shot. I had never emptied out the clean tank (precious cleaning fluid is like gold) so I just put it down and started it up. It mustered its strength and began doing it’s rotation cleaning and it sprayed water like it was brand new. It went through three sessions and cleaned my entire kitchen. I was very relieved. I have grown quite accustomed to having the Scooba clean the floors. The thought of going back to a mop was just way too depressing. My theory is that the Scooba dried out and when I started it up tonight, the clog passed like a kidney stone.


One Response to “Scooba Scare.”

  1. Sounds like as good a theory as any.

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