Special Days.

May 7, 2006

Special days are not the same for everyone. There are generic days that are supposed to be special to large numbers of certain groups, such as Christmas or Easter, but what is special, memorable or enjoyable depends on the individual. An event that is fun; an event that triggers all the chemicals in a person’s brain that causes one to feel happiness is rare and special and unique to the individual. I wonder if what one really enjoys in life can be distilled to one day. Can you describe your ultimate day? Can you think of how you would take the things you enjoy in life and put them all into one day, assuming you could do anything you want?

What makes something special depends on upbringing and culture and genetic predisposition. Something that is fun and memorable to a middle aged man in Beijing is going to be different than for a man living in Brazil just as it would be to me. There are some exceptions. The human basics are largely enjoyable to everyone. Eating would be an example although what Beijing gentleman considers a delicacy is probably not going to be something I would enjoy as much.

Look at sports. I know a lot of people who love going to basketball games. For basketball fans, a ticket to the big game is something very valuable and attending that event creates both happiness and a memorable experience. While this could be fun, in most cases, I could take it or leave it. I do, however, get the equivalent thrill from podcasting and other computer related activities. To each his own.

The point is, humans have extremely varied tastes in what they enjoy and what become forgotten moments. The trick is to fill your life with those things that create positive memories and limit the ones that do not to the necessary evils in life.

I’m reminded of the end of the movie "AI." The movie is uneven but it does have memorable spots. At the end of the movie, the aliens can essentially give the robot boy anything in the universe that would make him happy. He chooses one day with his mother. This is his ultimate time of enjoyment. This is how he spends his last day alive, playing games and otherwise spending an ordinary day with his mother. While I love my parents and I would certainly include them if I were planning a final day, there would be a lot of other activities as well. It might be strange to hear that I would spend a little bit of the day at my office and other parts of it doing computer stuff. Driving at high speed from destination to destination would be mandatory in a certain black sports car. Don’t worry, though there would be plenty of family time. I would eat, I would drink and I would spend time with my friends and family. When I think about it (morbid as it is) I think I could plan my last day if I had to (heaven forbid). Could you?


2 Responses to “Special Days.”

  1. K Says:

    Couldn’t do it. I’m not one for long goodbyes. If I knew it was my last day I would bawl like a baby. K

  2. x Says:

    Stylish, sexy, sleek, streamlined, spirited and speed demon are all words used to describe sports cars, which are essentially two-door automobiles that are designed for high speeds, great power and smashing good looks.

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