Computer Upgrade Progress Report.

May 25, 2006

I got all of my parts last night, so I decided to have a go at starting the upgrade even though I only had a couple of hours.  While I work on my computers all the time, I had not worked with a completely new mobo, chip, memory, etc. for a few years.  My, my, things have changed!  The SATA drives don’t require switch settings.  That’s nice.  The G-Force 7800 is a monster.  It reminds me of the old cards I used to put into my original IBM XT.  The thing is enormous!  The fact that you can fit two of them on my motherboard blows me away.  Who would spend $800 on that?  One of these cards alone is more than I need.  There’s a great deal of bloat too.  This thing has all these HD TV outputs that I’m not going to use. 

Installing the water cooler was just a pain in the ass.  It’s supposed to be easy, but the setup for the 805 D chip is just a kluge.  You use these long plastic pins and a piece of metal to secure the cooling plate in place.  You can still move it a little after it’s secure.  Not cool.

The mini-tower case I’m using is not a small case.  Yet, this thing is so jam packed, it’s like working on a modern day foreign car.  In fact, I felt a lot like a mechanic last night who is used to working on cars from the old days and who is surprised with all the newfangled doohickies.  I managed though.  I had thought that I’d be putting 3 IDE 250 GB IDE drives in the box, but there’s only going to be room for one.  I need to start investing in network storage.

Normally, when I build a computer, it starts up the first time I flip the switch.  Last night, I had no such glory.  My power supply isn’t the right one.  I’m off to Best Buy at lunch to get a new 500 watt unit.  I don’t have time to work on the system tonight, but I want to have it for the weekend.  It’s amazing to me because even though I’ve got the hardware site pretty much finished, I still have a lot to do yet with overclocking, setting up the RAID 0 and installing the OS. 

I’m really looking forward to the weekend and finishing this beast.

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