Would your 10 year old self find you to be cool today?

May 29, 2006

Imagine yourself being 10 years old again.  I remember the time fondly.  It was the bicentennial.  On July 4th, I had a pair of red, white and blue overalls and I used to get candy at a corner store.  I liked exploring and fishing and looking for bugs.  I was just discovering comic books and I had a beer can collection.  When you're a kid, adults are presumed to be wise and helpful in any situation.  However, there are still some adults you like more than others.

Fast forward thirty years.  My daughter brought me a jar of bugs she had gathered from the yard at the get together we were attending.  I was eating a turkey burger and I told her not to put bugs in my face while I was eating.  It got me thinking.  The child of 10 would not have minded looking at the bugs at all.  In fact, he probably would have helped my daughter look for more.

That's the nature of change as we age.  Unfortunately the thrill of discovering what lies under rocks has diminished in my case over the years.  I will note though, that in southern Ohio, where we lived prior to 1976, there were different sorts of centipede down there than the ones up here.  The ones in there were red and had short legs.  The ones here are brown and have long hairy legs.  They seem to have some web ability too.  But I digress.

I've gone from a budding entomologist to someone who doesn't really want to know what lurks in the ground.  So would the 10 year old me think the 40 year old me is that cool?  He probably would think that as far as bugs and stuff that I wasn't too hip.  But if he saw my computers, I think he'd be pleased at how I turned out.  So what about you?
Would your 10 year old self find you to be cool today?


4 Responses to “Would your 10 year old self find you to be cool today?”

  1. Marie Says:

    Nope. But I was shallower then.

  2. Sergio Says:

    you know, that really got me thinking. it seems as if as we grow up the bliss of early childhood dissappears, and we hit an epiphany that changes us into mindless drones who only care about what’s right and wrong, and not really what makes us feel special…just a little rant there…

  3. christa Says:

    I doubt it. I think that I would compare the 42 year old me with mom…LOL

  4. lynda Says:

    yeah i think so! Im pretty cool…. well thats what my kids tell me. Im hoping that it never changes! I think i would be happy if i could see my self now back then.

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