Return to Paintball.

June 5, 2006

I am kind of a sedentary person.  I don't like the outdoors and I spend most of my life willingly, even enthusiastically in front of a computer.  In order to keep from turning into a complete blob, I try to run on my treadmill a few nights a week.

However, a few years ago a friend of mine talked me into playing paintball.  This should not be a Thaed sport.  It involves running around in the woods, often in crappy weather, climbing through mud and even crossing creeks.  Moreover, people are shooting at you while all this is going on and you have to shoot back.  The paintballs themselves, while non-lethal, hurt.  In other words, it's a game that you play where you will experience pain and you know this ahead of time.

Yet, I got into it.  I bought an expensive marker and gear and played a lot the first year or so.  Then my marker started giving me problems.  Also I played with some kids half my age.  The combination bad marker and youthful opponents resulted in my getting lit up like a Christmas tree.  I took several months off.

Yesterday, I played again.  Since I never got my marker fixed, I borrowed a friend's.  It was cheap and it wasn't full auto, but it didn't break the entire time.  In other words, when I pointed it at people and pulled the trigger, it fired.  I had 4 kills.  That's a lot more than I used to get with my old marker even with full auto shooting 10 balls a second.  So I have renewed interest in the game.  So my advice to people who want to play:  really expensive equipment isn't necessary.  All you need is something that is reliable.


One Response to “Return to Paintball.”

  1. K Says:

    Ha! I just overheard that being said at a meeting tonight. But they were talking about men. 😀


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