Podcast Promo.

June 10, 2006

On FNPL this week, we talked about the podcasting promo site: podcastpromos.com. I decided to cut a short FNPL promo for that site. Podcasting promotion requires patience. You can make a big splash when you start, but finding new ways to get your show’s name out is a challenge. I had thought of a way to do that using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. I spoke about this in detail on FNPL. The flaw in the plan is that I can’t seem to get any money to them. You would think that Amazon could do a better job with money transfer.

There are many, many podcasting directories that you can send your RSS feed too. There’s even a few places where you can send your feed out through one site to ten or more other sites. The problem is that no one really uses these podcast directories to get podcasts. Most people just use iTunes.

If you look at Libsyn’s Hott 100, you will find many podcasts who get thousands of listeners all the time. Thousands. Some of them I understand. All the sex podcasts, for example, have a product that interests a lot of people. Any special interest podcast will have a draw to their target audience. What amazes me are the podcasts on that list that have horrible sound quality, bad pacing and marginal writing. There are some amazing shows out there that don’t have a big following. Conversely, there is a lot of garbage that does.

So marketing a podcast seems to involve a lot of luck. Some podcasts actually have contests where they give away hundreds of dollars in prizes. I understand immediately why those are popular. Those have commercial sponsorship too. Others don’t even do that, but have somehow managed to gain the initial listeners to build critical mass and reach large audiences. If I find the magic bullet, I’ll let you know.


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