Topics for Friday Night Party Line for June 30, 2006.

June 28, 2006

Here are the topics we’ll cover on the show this week. Please check out our “best of” show from last week (it’s our most popular show ever) at

–Is podcasting a medium that’s here to stay? Have any shows you listen to podfaded? What do you think the future holds for it?

–I read an article online about a guy who went undercover as a car salesman. I’ll talk about what he found out, but what’s your personal strategy that you use in dealing with salesmen when you buy a car.

–Both HD DVD and Blu-Ray players are out now and the word on the street is mixed. Are you planning on buying one of these? Who do you think will win the format war?

–How many domain names do you have registered? When did you start doing it? Has it worked out for you?

–If you could meet any three celebrities alive today, who would they be? What would you say to them? How would you like to meet? Over dinner? At an event? In your living room?

–Who are your top 3 least favorite celebrities and why?

— You’ve heard old wives tales as to treatments such as chicken soup for what ailes you. What’s your favorite wives tale or old country remedy that you still use to treat what’s bothering you.

–What was your favorite collection? Stamps? Comic books? Beer cans? Why did you do it? Do you still do it? What made you stop?

–What is the nature of motivation? Is it genetic? Does the environment cause it? Why do we like to do the things we like to do? Why do we like to do some things and then move away from them and on to other things?

–Schadefreude means taking delight in the misery of others. Have you had this experience lately? Tell us about it.


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