Shameless YouTube Links: Cute Puppies.

July 5, 2006

Honestly, I was all set tonight to blog on car crashes.  I thought I’d give some homage to the more morbid among you.  Then, I watched a few of the videos.  I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to do that yet.  One of them was so traumatic I had to stop watching them.  In fact, I immediately decided what I needed was more over the top cuteness for my Shameless YouTube Video day.  So I chose cute puppies.  Oh, and they are cute too.  My favorite is the last one.  It helped me get over my car crash video trauma.  I think I’ll stick to either cute or funny for this series. Life is hard enough without watching real life mayhem and death.


One Response to “Shameless YouTube Links: Cute Puppies.”

  1. K Says:

    Hmmmm shameless.

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