Real Life v. Internet Life: Real Life Wins.

July 12, 2006

Those of you who listened to Episode 14 of FNPL heard that it will be the last show until at least January of 2007 because yours humbly got a book deal.  It’s really not a major book deal, like Harry Potter or something, as it is in a very small target audience in the industry in which I work.  But if previously, my split-personality-internet-life was 70% Real Life v. 30% Internet Life, it’s now going to be 95%/5%.  The blog will continue; the podcast will not (at least not for now).

This is not to say that I am out of podcasting.  My real life persona is a podcaster too, but again in a very limited scope and in a commercial sense.

But this is how it should be.  I’m very dedicated to what I do and I have to seize opportunity when it arises.

FNPL has taught me a great deal.  I’ve learned a ton about podcasting, about audiences and about what it takes to have a successful show.  If and when it returns, I have been toying with the idea of monetizing it.  That is, I would undertake forming a corporation, funding it, soliciting advertisers, giving prizes to listeners and, perhaps most importantly, paying my guests.  I like the idea a lot.  We’ll see where it goes.

The funny thing about podcasting is that it’s changing all the time.  In six months, the podcasting world may be completely different.  The small shows might just vanish; it might be all about channels.  In other words, in six months, it might not be possible for my internet self to even return to this most excellent pastime at all.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, if I get a minute here and there, I’ve got enough material to do one more “best of” show and I’ll put edit it and put it out.  It’s been 14 weeks of fun.  But now it’s done.


One Response to “Real Life v. Internet Life: Real Life Wins.”

  1. Bug Says:

    Podcasting has always intrigued me but I’ve never had a chance to really get into it. Congrats on the book deal, that’s great news!

  2. K Says:

    Real life should always win. I do like the idea of paying guests tho.. hehe

    Good luck on the book!


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