Daniel Schorr is a Great American.

July 25, 2006

Daniel Schorr turns 90 next month.  This is a man who has been in the news business since the 1950s.  He’s written books, won Emmys and lifetime achievement awards.  His only living peer as far as I know is Walter Cronkite (another great American).  As a senior news analyst for NPR, he’s still delivering information to the world on a national level.  Most people don’t live to be 90.  Fewer still work to 90.  No one keeps active in the news media at 90.  He’s only a few months older than Cronkite (I’ll blog about him in November).

My point is that Mr. Schorr is a unique individual to retain his abilities into his advanced age.  He also retains his desire to produce, which is just as remarkable.  His perspective is that of a living time machine.  When he was born, World War I was in full swing.  It’s impossible to list all the things he’s seen in his time.  Yet you don’t hear any of that in his voice.  He just reports things as he sees them.  You would expect to hear an echo of how things were back then.  You would think he would yearn for the old days.  As far as I can tell, he doesn’t; he seems relatively positive about the future while being critical of that with which he disagrees.

Mr. Schorr has been blessed with both long life and a youthful mind.  Those are tremendous gifts that most of us would covet. What impresses me is that he has taken these gifts and he has used them in an active and admirable working life.  He continues to work and do what he loves.  We can all learn from that.


One Response to “Daniel Schorr is a Great American.”

  1. K Says:

    I see your editorial writing skills have kicked in. 😉

    Very nice post.


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