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In my old age, I can now watch movies more than once.

August 28, 2006

All my life it drove me crazy to watch the same movie more than once.  I could recall every minute and I always felt like I was wasting time because there were other movies out there that I could be watching in the pathetically short and flailing existence that is human life.

But now, I’m 40 years old and my memory barely functions.  So I thought I’d try watching Ghost in the Shell again.

I think I first watched it four years ago.  Sure I remember lines and scenes from it, but as I watched it it was almost new to me again.  Plus, it was better even than I remembered.  Moreover, I’ve had the sequel and both series to compare it to.  Even though it’s ten years old now, it still compares favorably.

So what’s old is new again.  In my failing mind, I find a new hope.

I can’t wait to watch Star Wars Episode III again…

Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.

August 27, 2006

I TiVoed this movie off the Sci Fi channel and finally got around to watching it while I rode our spinning bike.  I expected the movie to be, well, ass.  Almost every other type of movie or media or what have you associated with the game has been terrible.  I didn’t feel like walking downstairs to get a DVD, so I took a chance.  I was well rewarded.

You have to understand my perspective on this.  I watched Bloodrayne in it’s entirety while exercising.  In other words, there’s not a lot that I can’t make it through (although I didn’t make it through Team America World Police, that truly sucked).

Is D&DWotDG as good as LoTR?  Don’t be silly.  Is it better than Bloodrayne?  Yes, by an order of magnitude.  The acting in D&DWotDG is very good.  I suspect they picked up a cast of stage actors who, while unknown, have journeyman skills.  Next, it’s well shot.  The scenes are well framed and it successfully makes you believe that you’re in medieval fantasy world.  Along with the good cinematography, it’s well directed.  Finally, considering the genre, the writing is strong.

If you want to see a live action D&D story told in a movie, this is the benchmark.  It felt like a campaign that opened up before my eyes.  I appreciated the attention to history of the game as well.  The goblin camp looked like a goblin camp.  There were references to D&D deities and everything fit without being corny and without looking like an expensive fan film.

I was thrilled.  Roy Marsden was particularly excellent, but the whole cast was strong.  At times, the acting rose to Masterpiece Theater level (at times).  It also sort of reminded me of HBO’s Rome series.  I guess because that was a bunch of competent unknown actors in well shot, well written, well directed story too.

This movie should be seen by every director in the future who wants to shoot a fantasy movie.  The message should be:  if you can’t do as well as this, don’t do it.  Don’t give us another Bloodrayne.  Don’t give us horrifically bad schlock.  Don’t blow your money on name actors, just look for Shakespearian stage experience.  Give us competence in all categories.  If you can’t do it, don’t bother.

What percentage of the population do you hit it off with?

August 24, 2006

What percentage of the population do you hit it off with?  Let’s take a random sample of 100 people in an airport.  How many of those people do you think you’d be interested in talking to?  I don’t mean attracted to, I mean, just to talk to.  To make it more interesting, say that you knew facts about their lives too.

I asked my friend this question and he said 5.  I’d like to think my answer would be 30, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be closer to 5.  What is it about some people that make it harder to relate to others?  We are a crazy heterogeneous society.  In all that individuality, there’s much loneliness because it’s hard to find people with whom we have chemistry.

Say we divide meeting people into four quadrants of our responses to them and their responses to us:  The categories are hostile, neutral, friendly and compelling.  You rank them and they rank you.  In life, then we look for at least friendly/friendly and we hope to marry compelling/compelling.  Depending on what kind of person you are, I maintain you may find many people compelling or very few.  It’s kind of like being a universal blood donor or having a rare blood type.  It’s genetic.

And this is just real life human discourse.  Online discourse is entirely different.  Here’s the link to the famous Red versus Blue video on that topic.  Here’s a link to an excellent discussion of the same topic with parallels to Ghost in the Shell.

Some days I prefer real life people and other days, I prefer my internet friends.  The one thing that is consistent, however, is that I like meeting new people all the time, in person or virually.  This is true

I grow weary of this motif.

August 23, 2006

I want to change this site.  I want to do something different.  The time requirements of my real life continue to mute many of my virtual interests.  Real life rendered FNPL dormant and now it’s killing my blog.  I don’t want to shut it down, but at the same time, it’s not getting enough attention for it to be good anymore.  I hate that.

<> If I had the time, I’d probably move it off the wordpress server onto something I could manipulate more easily.  It’s not going to happen in 2006.

<>I’ve also thought that if I need to blog I should just develop a work blog.  Why not?  I should just give in 100% to work and express virtual interests solely through work.  It may happen.

<>Don’t get me wrong, my real life is successful; it deserves my time.

<>We’ll just have to wait and see what I decide to do.

My traffic has crashed faster than Pauly Shore’s career.

August 20, 2006

I peaked out last week with something close to 300 hits unassisted by any traffic exchange sites.  Yesterday, I had 37 hits.  37!  You can do that with just people coming by accident!

This has prompted me to steal an idea from my friend Kelly and try this picture link thingy but since I am 1) not a chick and 2) not naked, my picture will probably be off the list faster than you can say jack rabbit.

Ah well, I’m doing this for the self-expression vehicle that it is and not for those oh so luscious and addictive hits.  Popularity is an elusive thing.  I suspect my hits will flutter back if I start writing every day again, and more importantly, stop writing the drivel I’ve been posting lately.

Shameless YouTube Links: The Lucky.

August 18, 2006

Much of life is luck, right?  You’re at the right place at the right time and luck happens.  YouTube is fast becoming the archive of all that exists in human life.  Lucky people become stars on YouTube, but some people become stars by being lucky.

Lucky Airplane
Lucky race fan
Lucky basketball player
Lucky woman hanging from a balcony
Lucky Stone:  watch for a full minute and have luck for the rest of your days.
Super Lucky racing official
Lucky Deer, seriously bad shot.

Lucky Montage

The Model # 3500 Tvisto Series. I need this.

August 17, 2006

I mean it’s not just a want, right?  It’s an actual physical need.  I had never heard of a Tvisto before today, but now I’ll probably die if I don’t get it!  I can put my DVDs on here and other programs and watch them anywhere in the house.  Yes, I know I have two TiVos, but there’s a TV in the living room that doesn’t have a TiVo and with this, it will be the next best thing!  It’s like a low budget video server!  w00t!  Who could ask for anything more?

(c’mon, I haven’t done a gadget post in a long time…)

Shameless YouTube Links: “How To” videos.

August 14, 2006

YouTube is instructive. YouTube is educational. YouTube is fun.  Let YouTube teach you something today.

How to pop a wheelie
How to airflare
How to peel cooked potato skin in one shot
How to open a bottle of beer with another bottle of beer
How to remove whole crab meat easily
How to fake laugh

What I look like in real life?

August 13, 2006


Originally uploaded by Thaed 3.

I don’t post much by way of pictures of myself. Just shy I guess. But in my last post, I had someone wondering. So I was thinking: “how do I balance my need for anonymity with my desire to share.” This is my compromise.

Bored Lazy Tired

August 10, 2006

Aliens come down to Earth and dance before you.  But you just look at them and you’re disappointed because they look more like Carrot Top than E.T.  You tell no one.

You win an Xbox 360 on a scratch card but you throw it away because it’s too much effort to claim the prize.

Charlize Therone rings your doorbell to use your phone.  You see her out your living room window but you don’t even answer the door.

The box of Omaha Steaks you orderd is rotting on the counter because you never put it in the freezer.

They find a cure for your cancer, but you don’t bother with it.

In other words, the most crazy awesome thing happens right before your eyes and you don’t act on it or share it with anyone even though to the normal it would be exciting.  That’s BLT.