Shameless YouTube Links: “How To” videos.

August 14, 2006

YouTube is instructive. YouTube is educational. YouTube is fun.  Let YouTube teach you something today.

How to pop a wheelie
How to airflare
How to peel cooked potato skin in one shot
How to open a bottle of beer with another bottle of beer
How to remove whole crab meat easily
How to fake laugh

One Response to “Shameless YouTube Links: “How To” videos.”

  1. Liz Waldner Says:

    I’ve got the how to peel a cooked potato skin on my blog as well..thought it was quite comical. I love youtube…except for now…tuesday august 15th at 9:44Am, its currently down for maintenance. Boooo..I like how you’ve got the links in your blog instead of the videos directly…for times like this when youtube goes down..its left my blog with blank spaces. Its like watching paint dry…hehe
    Cheers 🙂

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