My traffic has crashed faster than Pauly Shore’s career.

August 20, 2006

I peaked out last week with something close to 300 hits unassisted by any traffic exchange sites.  Yesterday, I had 37 hits.  37!  You can do that with just people coming by accident!

This has prompted me to steal an idea from my friend Kelly and try this picture link thingy but since I am 1) not a chick and 2) not naked, my picture will probably be off the list faster than you can say jack rabbit.

Ah well, I’m doing this for the self-expression vehicle that it is and not for those oh so luscious and addictive hits.  Popularity is an elusive thing.  I suspect my hits will flutter back if I start writing every day again, and more importantly, stop writing the drivel I’ve been posting lately.

2 Responses to “My traffic has crashed faster than Pauly Shore’s career.”

  1. K Says:

    Not sure which picture you are using… but for guys just a big smile seems to do well.


  2. carrie Says:

    i signed up for that a while back, also. apparently there is quite a waiting list and it takes forever to actually get your pic up.

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