What percentage of the population do you hit it off with?

August 24, 2006

What percentage of the population do you hit it off with?  Let’s take a random sample of 100 people in an airport.  How many of those people do you think you’d be interested in talking to?  I don’t mean attracted to, I mean, just to talk to.  To make it more interesting, say that you knew facts about their lives too.

I asked my friend this question and he said 5.  I’d like to think my answer would be 30, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be closer to 5.  What is it about some people that make it harder to relate to others?  We are a crazy heterogeneous society.  In all that individuality, there’s much loneliness because it’s hard to find people with whom we have chemistry.

Say we divide meeting people into four quadrants of our responses to them and their responses to us:  The categories are hostile, neutral, friendly and compelling.  You rank them and they rank you.  In life, then we look for at least friendly/friendly and we hope to marry compelling/compelling.  Depending on what kind of person you are, I maintain you may find many people compelling or very few.  It’s kind of like being a universal blood donor or having a rare blood type.  It’s genetic.

And this is just real life human discourse.  Online discourse is entirely different.  Here’s the link to the famous Red versus Blue video on that topic.  Here’s a link to an excellent discussion of the same topic with parallels to Ghost in the Shell.

Some days I prefer real life people and other days, I prefer my internet friends.  The one thing that is consistent, however, is that I like meeting new people all the time, in person or virually.  This is true


4 Responses to “What percentage of the population do you hit it off with?”

  1. K Says:

    Ah… I’m being conservative here like 1/2, 50 at least. If I was tasked to speak to everyone I would.


  2. SeniorGato Says:

    I think I could potentially hit it off with at least 50% of the US population, that is, the ones that speak English at least a little. But honestly, I’d probably only WANT to hit it off like like 8-10%. I think deep down everyone is essentially good. Of course, that doesn’t mean stop people from having annoying ticks.

  3. Bug Says:

    Hmmm, in a room of 100 if I had enough time I’m pretty sure I could hit it off with well over half if not more. Unless they are all women, in which case I’m screwed and may only hit it off with about 3 *chuckle*

  4. […] Basically, not compelling.  But the video he links to in this post is awesome. […]

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