In my old age, I can now watch movies more than once.

August 28, 2006

All my life it drove me crazy to watch the same movie more than once.  I could recall every minute and I always felt like I was wasting time because there were other movies out there that I could be watching in the pathetically short and flailing existence that is human life.

But now, I’m 40 years old and my memory barely functions.  So I thought I’d try watching Ghost in the Shell again.

I think I first watched it four years ago.  Sure I remember lines and scenes from it, but as I watched it it was almost new to me again.  Plus, it was better even than I remembered.  Moreover, I’ve had the sequel and both series to compare it to.  Even though it’s ten years old now, it still compares favorably.

So what’s old is new again.  In my failing mind, I find a new hope.

I can’t wait to watch Star Wars Episode III again…

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