Internet Forums.

September 5, 2006

A friend of mine sent me a message today on an internet forum that I haven’t been to in months.  I was seriously active in this forum for several years.  I met dozens of the people in real life and spent hours writing threads and reading people’s posts.  Through forums, I realized how social a place the internet could be.  Instead of hanging out in a bar with friends on a Friday night, I could have beer at home and talk to forum co-horts online.  It was a great experience:  excellent conversation with intelligent people and no chance whatsoever of getting a DUI.

But then I got involved with the podcast and this blog.  While blogs were fair discussion on the board, podcasts were banned.  I understood the forum owner’s decision, but it still sort of drove me away, perhaps even unconsciously.  Also, the blogosphere is kind of a gigantic forum in and of itself.  Traffic exchange sites facilitate this environment.  So I was still getting my intellectual stimulation, but no more Friday night basement happy hours.

Today, I am absorbed by real life and work projects.  The podcast is on hiatus until at least January and my perspective on all things internet is evolving.  I’m glad my friend sent me a message because at least one person misses me.  Still I don’t know that I’ll go back.  It’s a nice place and it’s full of great people, but Thomas Wolfe is almost universally held to be right.


3 Responses to “Internet Forums.”

  1. K Says:

    There is no podcast discussion on that site? Really? If it’s the site I’m thinking of I find that very interesting.


  2. thaed Says:

    No, the site you are thinking of I am still fond of. And that’s a blog, not a forum and it has a very popular podcast tied to it. 😉 The site that I’m talking about is a forum that is centered around a certain device that makes watching television an entirely different experience.

  3. admin_papa Says:

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