Flogged by the Frog.

September 6, 2006

I asked for it. I submitted Mental Interface for review by the good people at Frog My Blog. I did this on a whim because I read about another blogger who liked the site. I probably should have read the kind of reviews that they do first, but I didn’t and there you have it.

The reviewer took issue with my minimalist approach. Of course, this is intentional. If I could make it more minimalist, I would. This is probably the least cluttered template WordPress has. The idea behind it is that you’re just getting the content because that’s all that’s important, at least to me. This is not to say that other sites that use color and graphics aren’t great, that’s not the focus of this blog.

The reviewer also called Mental Interface a product review blog. It’s not. Sure I talk about gadgets and they caught me on a week where I did a fair amount of that. But looking at the tags on the site, you’ll see that there is much more. Later, though, the reviewer states: “I’m not a big fan of product review blogs. I’m quite sure I don’t know anybody who actually reads them on a regular basis.” In my view, this suggests that no one reads product review sites. Engadget, Gizmodo, heck even Consumer Reports might beg to differ. That’s an example of someone saying something is bad for everyone just because that person doesn’t like it. Ironically, however, again, Mental Interface’s purpose is not to review products or to provide helpful advice. It is purely a voice for my mind on any topic I desire on any given whim. It’s not for everyone.

The Froggers suspect that either I keep my social life completely separate from my blog or I don’t get out much. Both are true, actually. Mental Interface is a creative outlet for me but it represents only a slice of what’s going on at any given time. I keep my work and my personal life out of it. What’s left isn’t very appetizing for most people. People who want to read about personal issues have an endless variety of blogs from which to choose. Mental Interface gets 150-250 hits a day and I’m content with that.

All in all, I hope I don’t sound defensive. I chose to have them review the blog. I’m happy the reviewer took the time and spent the energy to write an opinion. Plus it’s given me blog fodder and I’m always grateful for that. Given the reviewer’s perspective, I wear the one out of five rating with pride.


3 Responses to “Flogged by the Frog.”

  1. Pam Says:

    Popping in from Frog my Blog…I read their report and your response. I don’t think you are defensive at all.
    Nicely written response.
    BTW, how long ago did you request a review? I’m getting antsy for my own review.

  2. thaed Says:

    Thanks. I think I requested it last Saturday or Sunday. If you flip them Blog Explosion credits, they expedite the review.

  3. nice Says:

    Finally he andcarrie went next door firmly bubble butt babes closed on us and slightly opened, so.

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