September 15, 2006

My failure to use an overclocked PC over the long term has engendered mirth among my more geeky friends. I’ve mentioned before that Geeknights is one of my favorite podcasts. They have a forum which I frequent and I cross posted my experiences with overclocking in their forum. They had advised against it and I went ahead anyway. My failure resulted in my being owned. Oh the shame!

Well, not really. It was a learning experience for me, albeit an expensive one. It will be fine though because I think I’m going to get a cheap mobo for the slower processor and then I’ll have two dual core machines. That will be great. At least until the quadcores come out.


One Response to “Owned.”

  1. SeniorGato Says:

    Yow, I hate when overclocking goes bad, but in my Counter-Strike days, I often pushed the envelope on my video card. I also tried the processor a bit, but when I booted directly after and everything was scrambled I thought it probably wasn’t the best move. Luckily it reverted after a restart.

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