September 23, 2006

This is a blog post on soap.  That’s right, I’m talking about the stuff that most of you use to lather up your skin every morning (or night before).  Well, hopefully, you’re a soap user.  If you aren’t, this post isn’t for you and frankly, I hope we never meet in real life.  We can still be Internet friends though.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with new types of soap for the freshest, cleanest experience.  As usual, I’m not like normal people.  Even though Lever soap has been recommended to me by dermatologists, it causes my legs to break out.  I like the soap, but I’ll pass on the accompanying rash.

Ivory has been very good to me.  It’s cheap and it doesn’t bother my skin.  Unfortunately, it’s also not the strongest soap with which one could clean one’s self.  Ivory is good if you’re having skin problems, but there are better things out there.  I often wonder after I use Ivory if people aren’t giving me a little more room than usual during the day.  Maybe that’s a good thing?

When I was in Las Vegas and lucky enough to be staying at the Winn, they had this soap called Bambu.  Smelling like lemons, I really enjoyed it.  I haven’t been able to find it at the grocery store, though.  I suspect that I’d have to go to one of those fru-fru places to find it or look online.  Yet, there are limits to what I’m willing to do for my soap fetish.  I am, after all, still a guy.

One very perfectly good soap for men is Dial for Men:  Full Force.  I’m liking this one a lot.  For one thing, it comes in a manly blue bar.  It’s not the longest lasting soap.  I think I burned through a bar in a week.  But that just means it’s working, right?  This soap is a deodorant version and it’s very strong.  I definitely know that I smell better coming out of the shower than going in when I used it.

Far less masculine, but definitely nice smelling is Zest:  Linen Fresh.  In terms of all round smell, this is a nice one.  It does smell like clean linens with maybe a hint of lemon.  That’s one a whole family could use.  It’s not just for guys.

In the end, I suspect I’ll stick with Dial for Men.  I like the fact that it’s strong.  When you use it, you could probably forget to put on deodorant and still get away with it.  Maybe it’s a belt and suspenders approach to smelling good, but whatever, I’ll take it.


One Response to “Soap”

  1. K.C. Says:

    Ooh man I love the smell of Irish spring, men’s body wash!! It drives me crazy lol but yes dial for men smells pretty nice as well.

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