The Scooba and the Xacti.

September 27, 2006

It’s been a rough week for my precious gadgets.  On Sunday, my Sanyo Xacti died.  Today, my Scooba battery gave up the ghost.  The good people at Sanyo and iRobot are honoring their respective warranties.  Both had very nice customer service.

iRobot is shipping me a new battery.  The old one is junk anyway.  There’s no need to ship it back.  I did express my wish that they had used lithium ion batteries instead of nickle hydride, but what can you do?  Nickle hydride batteries are cheaper.

Sanyo had me ship my camera to a shop in Illinois.  It was out of warranty on labor, but they extended it for me.  I appreciated that.  Of course, I’ve only had the camera since April.  It’s been wonderful, but I’m surprised it broke.  Cameras usually last a few years at least.

Soon my toys will be fixed.


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