Blackberry 8703 e

October 3, 2006

For me, buying a significant new gadget is like welcoming someone to the family.  Of course, in this case that means showing the old cell phone the door.  I don’t much mind, though.  I’ve been using a Treo 600 for 2 ½ years.  That phone sadly never lived up to its potential.  I ended up using it only as a phone.

My new phone is a Blackberry.  It made sense to go this route as it appears that we’ve worked out the issues with pushing in work email.  Also, I wanted a Bluetooth headset.

I just got it today, so it’s too early to really rate it.  It seems, however, to do the things that it does very well.  The Bluetooth headset worked fine, the email is good and it seemed to synch with Outlook.  If all goes well, the functionality will be much better than I’ve had in years.

Also, it’s black (my favorite color).  More to come on this folks…


24 Responses to “Blackberry 8703 e”

  1. Randy Says:

    Will be looking for more information on this in the future. I’d like to buy one, but there are not a lot of reviews out there. It is a lot of change to drop on a phone when we’re still “in contract”.

    Good luck.

  2. thaed Says:

    The more I’ve used it, the more I like it. I will definitely do a full review. I’ve shied away from Blackberry’s in the past because other phones appeared to do more. This time, I just wanted something that did my calendar and email and the Blackberry has this down. Being able to read my attachments is pretty awesome too. Eventually, I’m going to see if I can find an application to stream video, but right now I’m just happy because as a business tool, it’s peerless.

  3. thaed Says:

    This just keeps getting better and better. Here are some of my further thoughts on the Blackberry:

  4. I’m really thinking of turning in my Sidekick and going with a Blackberry, or something like that. Although, with me moving to the UK in 2 months, will it still work?

  5. thaed Says:

    That’s a great question. I would wait until you get to the UK. Honestly, you might even be able to get a phone that’s more advanced than what’s available in the USA.

  6. RYAN Says:


  7. thaed Says:

    Depends on what you want it for. Camera phones usually aren’t very good for taking pictures anyway.

  8. william martens Says:

    As a nextel customer I used the 7520 for some time. I loved the idea of a phone that I could receive all my email, chat, use as a dial up for my laptop or my home if I get caught for pirating cable. I’ve since switced to sprint and am currently on an 8703 it was an incredible savings over the treos. In fact the savings were so much that I bought a palm with a bluetooth so I can not just play streaming video, I can save it if I’m really that board. The third party applications make this phone so incredible that I litteraly have found myself in bed next to my extremely sensual girlfriend and can’t get off the phone. I am currently on a plane viewing this since I made it available offline,and it should send when I get a signal. I recomend this phone whole heartedly.

  9. john hope Says:

    No Voice recognition software yet
    No GPS navigator yet

    on a mac osx

  10. zion Says:

    is the internet web browser fast like the tmoble sidekick

  11. Lee Says:

    How do I delete more that one email at a time?

  12. joan Says:

    Someone sent me a picture can I view it?

  13. joan Says:

    I also cannot figure out how to attach the ringtones to specific numbers.

  14. adrian joseph Says:

    how do i get songs on it?

  15. bob johnson Says:

    does it have mp3 capabilities

  16. Jason Says:

    Hold down caps key and roll over emails you want to delete. Then click delete. This will allow you to delete multiple emails at one time.

  17. Brison Says:

    Major problems with Verizon getting the Blackberry 8703e set up. Verizon is not adapt at porting and Caller ID set up. Verizon claims to have “one call problem solving”, but after 3 days, they haven’t solved any problems and are passing blame, claiming ” caller ID cannot be corrected”.

    Surprised that this model does not offer GPS or camera

  18. JC CASTELLO Says:

    I was wondering if my blackberry 8703e works with the msn messenger? Can anyone please tell me.

  19. thaed Says:

    Re: MSN. I get my hotmail without any problems.
    Re: MP3s. I don’t use it for that.

  20. kepster Says:

    When I use my blackberry 8703e to call someone, It displays on their phone no caller id..

    How do I turn this on???

  21. thaed Says:

    I think you need them to be in your list of contacts.

  22. giscard Says:

    Yeah the MSN works with blackberry (at least the 8703e). Just go on with your device and follow the instruction. You will have a 30 days trial free. It works great and the interesting thing is you can sign up with several messenger service at the same time (yahoo, msn etc).

  23. […] not that I wouldn’t mind having an iPhone, it’s just that my Blackberry does everything I need quite well.  Even though Verizon is not cheap, I really don’t want to […]

  24. vita Says:

    Im passing throu

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