Sony’s Comeback.

October 14, 2006

It’s been cool to Sony bash for a long time.  It brought it on itself.  In the last few years, Sony has seemingly focused on proprietary standards versus catering to consumer needs.

With all the PS3 hype, it seemed that Sony had doomed itself.  The product is going to be delayed and there won’t be a whole lot of them for Christmas.

Despite this, I’m seeing some trends that indicate the fat lady isn’t quite ready to sing for Sony just yet.  For one thing, some commentators are suggesting that Blu-Ray will win the format war; it’s a better standard and this time the better standard may win.  For another, it’s starting to look like that, from a technology perspective, the PS3 really is going to be significantly better than the X-box 360.  It’s  faster and has true 1080p output.  Moreover, the Nintendo Wii arguably isn’t even a competitor because the markets are different.  The Wii, as awesome as it is, is more of a toy than a game and video system.  The Wii is not HD and that’s not the target audience.  The PS3 is all about HD and HD movies as well as games.  It’s expensive, but the target market has the money.

It doesn’t matter that the PS3 isn’t going to make it this Christmas.  Most people don’t have HD TVs anyway.  The PS3 is a game system and movie system for the future.  It’s a long term strategy.

It may well win.


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